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Latest news and case studies from the Building Coastal Resilience to Climate Change Programme


December 2013


NEWS! Indonesia- Three new resources;

1. What's it like to be a village facilitator? An interview with Asnita Riko, CARE facilitator, Indonesia

2. Seaweed crakers- a new climate resilient income source for Ibu Halijah

3. How to integrate Climate Change Adaptation into Development Planning?


November 2013


CARE's Capacity and Vulnerability Capacity Analysis (CVCA) handbook is now available in Bahasa Indonesian and Thai languages!


September 2013


Thailand - Fighting coastal erosion in Krabi - Using bamboo to protect newly seeded mangroves

Thailand - How 'fish houses' are being used to improve fisherfolks' livelihoods in coastal regions

Indonesia - Improving access to climate information in South Sulawesi


Other recent resources 


Climate Vulnerability Capacity Analysis - A report from the South of Thailand.

The Thai language version of this report is coming soon.


Climate Vulnerability Capacity Analysis - A report from four districts in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Looking for the Bahasa version of this CVCA analysis? Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


Thailand -  Artificial reefs: Practical incentives for the Thai government to invest in climate change adaptation

Thailand - The local impact of climate change: One man's mission to help his fellow villagers cope 

Thailand - Climate change adaptation: Community empowerment in Thailand

Indonesia - Global climate change with local impact: Improving livelihood security in coastal areas 

Indonesia - Adpating to climate change: Seaweed processing in North Luwu district


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In heavily populated coastal areas of Thailand and Indonesia, high levels of erosion due to environmental degradation will be exacerbated by climate change impacts, such as rising sea levels and increased storm surge. The resulting intrusion of salt water into shallow fresh water areas will cause significant change to ecosystems and disrupt the livelihoods of those dependent upon them. Poor people in coastal areas are also exposed to increasingly frequent and severe weather events.


In response, Raks Thai Foundation and CARE Indonesia – in partnership with CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg (CARE DL) and PECCN – are implementing the 36-month ‘Building coastal resilience to reduce climate change impact in Southern Thailand and South Sulawesi, Indonesia’ (BCR-CC) project.


Through BCR-CC, CARE will work closely with coastal authorities and civil society organizations to progressively integrate climate change adaptation into sub-national development, environment and disaster risk reduction strategies and plans; and to design and implement innovative community-based adaptation activities that reduce risks from coastal hazards.


The project’ 2.1 million euro budget is funded through the European Commission’s Thematic Programme for Environment and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources Including Energy (ENRTP).


Case study- Women's voices on climate change: fisherfolk and farmers in Klong Prasong, Thailand





September 2012

Thailand -A local leader helps her community build coastal resilience to climate change

Thailand - Senior Field Coordinator Surirat Kochawat says simple techniques help people recognise climate impacts

Thailand - Restoring mangroves for mud crab conservation in Krabi: How fishing communities are adapting to climate change

Indonesia - Seaweed: One community based adaptation strategy in Southern Sulawesi

Indonesia - Mapping the future and preparing for life in an uncertain climate in Wajo District, South Sulawesi


July 2012

What does climate change mean to us? - Impressions from a Monitoring visit in Southern Thailand

Story from the Field: A fishing community takes own actions towards climate change resilience

Impressions from CBA6: The Sixth International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation

Public Consultation process on climate challenges in Southern Sulawesi: Discussing CVCA findings

Interview: BCR CC project supports the local government on development planning in coastal areas


April 2012
BRC-CC - Thailand Interview
BRC-CC - Indonesia Interview
BRC-CC - CVCA Participatory Tools

BRC-CC - Project Progress/Case Studies


September 2011

Interview w/ BRC-CC Coordinator

BRC-CC - Indonesia News

BRC-CC - Thailand News 


December 2010

Interview w/ Indonesia District Facilitator  

BRC-CC Thaliand Project Activities

BRC-CC Indonesia CVCA Activitites 

Community Story - Thailand