Adaptation to the Impact of Rapid Glacier Retreat in the Tropical Andes Project (PRAA) Print E-mail
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┬ęCARE/Johnny Reyes

In order to mitigate risks, sustain rural livelihoods and lift communities out of poverty, CARE has entered into a comprehensive partnership known as The Adaptation to the Impact of Rapid Glacier Retreat in the Tropical Andes Project (Proyecto de Adaptation al Impacto del Retroceso Acelerado de Glaciares en los Andes Tropical, PRAA) in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. CARE plays an integral role in PRAA, working directly with vulnerable communities, to strengthen their capacities to adapt to their quickly changing environment.

During the first phase, CARE is playing a lead role in the development and implementation of pilot adaptation projects in the region. The objective of these pilot projects is to demonstrate the costs and benefits of adaptation and generate a knowledge base that then can be used to design projects in other vulnerable communities. The overall objective of PRAA is to strengthen the resilience of ecosystems and local communities to consequences generated by the rapid retreat of glaciers in the tropical Andes.

The project aims to ensure that national and local governments in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, as well as community-based organizations and groups participating in the PRAA, incorporate into their policies and development plans strategies for progressively adapting to reduced availability of water for agriculture and human consumption, caused by the retreat of glaciers in the Andean region. To that end, the pilot projects will generate evidence and recommendations on the costs and benefits of adaptation strategies and directly benefit families in the region. As well, leaders at regional and local levels will have increased knowledge and commitment to climate change adaptation.

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