Making carbon finance work for poor and marginalized people Print E-mail
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    Carbon finance: CARE is advancing a pro-poor approach
    to carbon finance that reduces poverty, secures rights, enhances

    gender equality and supports adaptation to climate change while

    ensuring real mitigation reductions.


    The challenge

    Climate change mitigation projects are designed to reduce the build-up of harmful greenhouse gasses in the earth's atmosphere–especially carbon dioxide.


    For poor rural communities mitigation is not a primary goal but participating in climate change mitigation projects and programmes presents substantial opportunities for poverty reduction and sustainable development both through the social and environmental benefits associated with technologies that reduce emissions and/or sequester carbon and the carbon finance that can be generated by mitigation actions at scale which can also support broader development goals.


    CARE's response

    CARE is addressing mitigation efforts through its promotion of multiple-benefit, carbon-finance projects that simultaneously reduce greenhouse gases, reduce poverty and help conserve critical ecosystems. It is working in three carbon finance areas:


    Agriculture, Forestry and other Land-Use (AFoLU) initiatives focused on building more resilient livelihoods through better agricultural, land and natural resource management practices.


    Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) initiatives that help establish pro-poor social and environmental safeguards that protect and promote the rights and interests of forest dependent communities.


    Sustainable energy for development initiatives that help poor people access adequate, affordable, reliable, safe and environmentally benign energy.