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Can understanding rain enable change?


Global study explores links between climate change, food and livelihood security and human mobility 




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- Global Policy Report (via Where the Rain Falls site)

- Global Policy Report (direct link to document)

- Case Study - Bangladesh       

- Case Study - Ghana               - Where the rain falls brochure

- Case Study - India                 

- Case Study - Peru

- Case Study - Tanzania

- Case Study - Thailand

- Case Study - Vietnam



Where the Rain Falls is a three-year programme of research, advocacy, and adaptation activities on changing weather patterns, hunger and human mobility.
The Where the Rain Falls study sheds light on the circumstances under which poor and vulnerable populations use migration as a risk management strategy in response to threats to their livelihood and reveals the conditions that can facilitate or hinder their ability to make an informed, free choice to stay or to move.


Where the Rain Falls aims to enable a range of stakeholders, including global, national and local policy-makers and southern civil society organisations, to better understand and effectively address the relationship between changing weather patterns, food security, social inequalities, and human mobility, in addition to empowering these stakeholders to influence policies, plans and practical interventions at an international, national, and local level.


The field research phase in eight countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America was completed in 2012, with findings launched at the United Nations' Climate Change Conference (known as UNFCCC COP18) in Doha. Results have subsequently been shared at events in France, the U.S., Bangladesh (CBA7), and seven research countries. Building on the results of the research, and with support from the AXA Group and the Prince Albert Foundation, community-based adaptation projects have been designed and are now being implemented in collaboration with communities in Bangladesh, Thailand, Peru, India and Tanzania to make an immediate contribution toward reducing their vulnerability to worsening agro-climatic risks.


The project is an initiative of CARE France, with the United Nations University as research partner, and with support from the AXA Group and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. For more information, please contact: Kevin Henry, Project Coordinator, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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