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Policy and institutional engagement: CARE is advocating for a fair, ambitious and legally binding international agreement supported by proactive national policies and actions that places poor women and other highly vulnerable people at the very centre of local and worldwide responses to climate change.


The challenge



The decisions that the international community make or fail to make in the next few years, in response to tackling climate change have major implications for the world’s poorest people and the viability for CARE to attain its mission. Indeed, they may render ‘a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security’ impossible to achieve.


CARE’s response

PECCN is working to influence the international community’s approach to climate change so that it fully integrates the challenges and opportunities for poverty reduction. CARE is working to trigger this transformation by strengthening multi-sectoral networks and alliances that can identify, analyze and advocate pro-poor policy options. CARE does this by addressing the implications of emissions policies for poverty reduction. One way this is achieved is through our participation in larger advocacy alliances such as the Climate Action Network. We also focus on greater investment in the areas of disaster risk reduction and management, making adaptation funding mechanisms work for poor people, and expanding opportunities for poor people to participate in and benefit from carbon finance mechanisms.